Tabby Freeman

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s been almost 2 months. I’ve been hell of busy. This is the first full week of evenings I’ve had free in a long long time. Anyway, this blog isn’t about me, it’s about the coolest artists on the planet and their drawings of Ghostbusters.

And one of those coolest artists ever is Tabby Freeman. I’ve been following her work for almost a year now – once I decided to get into the whole art scene on twitter. Tabby’s art is so skillfully versatile, which you’ll see below. It can go from innocent and whimsical – almost like The Muppets, all the way to sexy and complex. Her ability to convey subtle emotions is just great. So, when she was opening up slots for commissions I, of course, had no choice but to have her draw me a Ghostbuster.


Jeez, and she drew Louis with Janine? How fucking perfect is that? Everyone always thinks about the 4 main guys, or works up their own idea for a Ghostbuster – which is fine obviously. But, man, I love love love when people give props to Louis.

LDRs are tough, lemme tell ya. But she sums it up pretty sweetly here.

What was your “Ghostbusters” growing up?

My “Ghostbusters” was an anime called “Inu-Yasha” back when I was in 6th grade. The style of it drew me in, that and the fact that my best friend at the time introduced me to it was very impacting on my art. I had always drawn as a kid, but my little ‘noodle’ armed doodles and characters were given more anatomical realism when Inu-Yasha breathed new life into my work. I was mildly obsessed for a while with the show; drawing the characters over and over in my sketchbooks. It’s because of that show, my art is what it is today.

Persona 3 art. Because fuck yeah Persona 3.

What’re you working on now?

I am currently working on a 10 page personal comic as a sort of closure of something that happened near 4 years ago. It is a very hard subject for me to talk about up until recently and I felt that  I was ready to confront it. What better way to do that than through art.

I beg you, check out her [tumblr] and [DA] for even more awesome artwork. Then when you’re done with that, go over to her [twitter] and totally wish her a happy birthday today by telling her that her Louis and Janine drawing is the coolest and that she is a coolest. Happy birthday Tabby!


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