Dan Jones

In doing this project, I find myself networking with a lot of other illustrators and artists. It’s a sprawling, but close community. Everybody knows everybody else, and they’re all super supportive. It’s great. One of the people in that community is a cat named Dan Jones. I was stoked to stumble upon his work months ago, but when he opened himself up for commissions, I couldn’t pass up the chance. So of course, I had him draw me a Ghostbuster.


Usually when I’m commissioning someone, whether online or in real life, I stay away until the final thing is done. I want the surprise to be as big as possible when it’s all finished and I see it for the first time. I couldn’t keep from peeking this time, though. Jones regularly live streams his art sessions, and on the night I knew he was drawing this, I had to check it out. I was too excited. But man, was I just as excited to receive the final product. It’s a killer illustration. Also, he’s a geek as big as any:

Video games played a huge part in my life: I would say mainly Nintendo games? Anything Zelda and Mario were huge in my childhood, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog once my friends and I discovered Sega [laughs]. Cartoons were definitely the motivating force that led me to become an artist. Growing up I LIVED for Saturday Cartoons and coming home fast from school just to catch the few cartoons they’d run on TV.

Alice from Fallout 3

You should definitely check out more of his work over at his tumblr. Not only is he a great cartoonist and illustrator, but he’s a great digital painter. All of which you can see over there, as well as all kinds of alt-art of video game characters – my bread and butter. Man I love alt-art.

Who’s your favorite Ghostbuster?

My favorite Ghostbuster is definitely Venkman. I love all of them, and 2nd most would probably be Ray – just for his love and fascination with ghosts and the paranormal. Venkman though, is one of those unforgettable characters and pretty much all my favorite moments from the series are created from him.

Check out more of his stuff, including a pretty killer webcomic entitled Scribe. And be sure to follow him on twitter @CauseImDanJones for more art and updates.


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