Gustav Carlson

Hey cats and kittens. Sorry for the little hiatus I was on. I ended up getting crazy busy. Not in a bad way, for the most part. I just found myself without the time to devote to an article on Sundays. And I wanted to devote some quality time to the post for this drawing.

You see, I’ve known Gustav for going on almost 10 years now, which seems crazy now that I think about it. We were both on a forum for a webcomic, and migrated with a close group of people when the whole thing went to hell and got shut down. From there, all of us found ourselves unpestered on our own plot of land on the internet. Anyway, long story short, we’ve all known each other for some time now.

And all that time, Gustav Carlson has been a cartoonist. So of course, I had him draw me a Ghostbuster.


Man, was I happy when I got this in the mail. He sent it to me along with the first issue from his comic “Eve of the Ozarks.” You see, this man does a lot of his drawing from a cabin in the Arkansas wild. His first comic, Backwood Folk was about the adventures of the people living in the fictional town of Po’Dunk, Arkansas.

As Carlson tells it:

Backwood Folk is a contemporary story about a man returning to his home in Po’Dunk, Arkansas after a long absence. On one hand he has to deal with the holes he left amongst the folks he abandoned. On the other he has to deal with wide-array of haunts, monsters, and impossible things that he only remembered as ghost stories and campfire tales. It’s a sort of sequel to the folktales that are long lost or never told.


Now he spends his days creating the adventures of a little wild girl named Eve.

Eve of the Ozarks is a much brighter story that takes place in the same region in the early 1800’s. When the only folks, in what would become Po’Dunk, are a young child named Eve and her hermit father, Paw Duncan. She’s a rambunctious sort whose best friend is an impossibly old goat named Hieronymus. The two of them find themselves in a constant stream of adventures and excitement as they explore the Ozarks, and fight off all kinds of monsters.


(Please please click these to see them full size. You’ll thank me.)

The adventures he puts her in are taken right from the lore and legends from the area – some familiar, some only known to a modern day mountain man who goes looking for monsters in all the right places.


Today being Father’s Day, I’ll link you to a little conversation Eve has with her Pa about scars. For a comic about a little girl playing in the wild, Carlson sure knows how to pack in the lessons and love in the world around us – much like Bill Watterson did in bringing us Calvin and Hobbes.

Who’s your favorite Ghostbuster?

My favorite Ghostbuster is easily Ray. The wild-eyed excitement is absolutely infectious. And what can I say, Dan Aykroyd’s love of aliens, and crystal skulls filled with vodka is just as fun.

You owe it to yourself to check out his comics, and follow him on twitter @BackwoodGoat.


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