Jim Mehsling

Hey folks,

Another Sunday means another Ghostbuster. This is the first one I got at this year’s Planet Comicon here in Kansas City. I came back this time with a mission and went hunting. As I was working my way around the hall, I was flipping through different sketch books and print books, and came upon this really killer John Marsten from Red Dead Redemption. It was drawn by a cat named Jim Mehsling. So, of course I had him draw me a Ghostbuster.


No disappointments here, obviously. This guy looks like not only could a bust a ghost, but turn a wrench or two.

Just a while ago, Mehsling won the official Star Wars Fan Movie Award for Best Animated Feature for his short cartoon Bounty Hunter II: Pit of Carkoon.

Right now, he’s the lead animator over at Blogglebeans, a place for grandkids and grandparents to have a place to play and hangout together online. Very cool idea.

You can check out more of his awesome stuff over at his blog, Cartoon Caveman. He’s got great original stuff alongside some really killer fan stuff, too. You can also follow him on twitter @cartooncaveman or at Instagram, where I grabbed this sketch of a photograph near and dear to my heart:

Who’s your favorite Ghostbuster?

My favorite Ghostbuster is Dr. Peter Venkman. The line that always cracks me up is, “What did you do Ray?”


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