I had some leftover dried up goauche on my palette, so during lunch today I decided to use it to work up a few ghosts. Happy with some, unhappy with others. But I guess that’s how it goes. Also, the cardstock I was using was shitty and started getting all  warpy and peely. I need to remember to invest in some quality watercolor paper before doing these again. I couldn’t come up with something to do with a couple of these, since I ran out of time. Maybe someone else has an idea. As usual, click to enlarge. (56k be warned.)





2 comments on “Goauchebusters

  1. Jimmy G. says:

    These colors scan pretty well. On that third page, I like the top-right Mewtwo ghost and the top-left ghostbush. That fake face and the broken glass teeth are pretty clever, too.

  2. Patrick says:

    Haha, thanks. I never saw Mewtwo until just now, lol. It started off as some kindof welder guy I guess and wasn’t going anywhere, so I just said “Fuck it.” I wish “Eternally Perturbed Girlfriend” ghost would have turned out better.

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