Levi Hoffmeier

Most of the drawings you’ll see here are commissioned from artists at Planet Comicon here in Kansas City. Meaning, most of the people you’ll see featured are local KC people which is awesome because Kansas City is the best place in America and St. Louis can shove it. One of those local KC people is Levi Hoffmeier. I met Levi at Planet Comicon in 2012. His booth drew me in because he had a lot of artwork featuring stuff from Halo. He’s done work for official Halo and Shadowrun books, and he even made a popular webcomic set in the Halo: Reach universe called A Fist Full of Arrows. So, of course, I had him draw me a Ghostbuster.


This was my first commission of the convention, and I was blown away. I didn’t know what to expect starting this project last year, and this drawing got me pumped to see where else the drawings would take the idea. I could see this guy working right along side Master Chief and he wouldn’t seem out of place.

I caught up with Levi at Planet Comicon 2013 and asked him about his latest projects. He’s just about to launch his newest graphic novel titled “Mayflower,” which comes out later this year.

“Mayflower is an original comic book hearkening back to the golden age of optimistic science fiction from the twentieth century. Though the world the main character, a scientist named Roger, is thrust into might be ruled by an oppressive society, it is still a part of a solar system full of color and innovation. It’s the future, but we’re rewinding back to the ideas that sci-fi takes for granted now: the discovery of faster-than-light travel, of rayguns, and more.”

Who’s your favorite Ghostbuster?

“I’m going to say my favorite Ghostbuster is Winston. It’s actually Venkman, but Winston never gets the credit he deserves!”

True ’nuff. You can find a lot more stuff over at his website or follow him on twitter @Leviwastaken.

One comment on “Levi Hoffmeier

  1. Jimmy G. says:

    Ooh, those cheekbones.

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